About us

We opened our first store in 2011 with the intention of providing the consumer with high
quality, preowned electronics at a more attainable cost.

Now, with eight company-owned stores, one franchise store, an active online presence and
more stores branching outside of the greater London area, we hope to make getting that
highly sought-after device you want easier and more affordable.

We carry a wide range of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, PCs, gaming consoles, as well as
a wide variety of storage devices, charging solutions and audio/video equipment and
accessories for your stay at home devices as well as on the go.

Want media? Most of our stores carry a vast variety of DVDs and Blu Rays. All of our
stores stock the latest games and some also have a retro gaming section!

Need a new phone or laptop but can’t pay full price for it? You can trade-in your older
device for a store voucher which can be used towards that new one you have been wanting.

Need just a few pounds to get you by until payday? We also have our buyback scheme
available with a 28-day payback period.

Company number 07493281
49 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 2EG