What is Buyback?

Our Buyback Scheme gives customers cash for their items, which are put on hold in our
secured area. Customer has 28 days to buy their item before it is put on sale for the
general public. (30% fee applies).

Do we need to test the item?
We test Buyback items with the same scrutiny that we would when buying an item for our
store, with the exception that we do not factory reset the item (passwords, PIN entries,
fingerprints, iCloud, Samsung, and Google accounts, etc. must be removed prior to leaving
the item in our care)


1. The cash amount we offer is equivalent up to 80% of the amount offered to a customer
looking to sell their item straight to the store.

2. We calculate the repurchase price with a 30% service fee. For example, a £100
Buyback amount, with the 30% service fee, will total £130 at the time of buying back
your item.

3. The customer needs to have an account with us in order to sell an item, be it on Buy
Back or if they were to sell us their item directly. Customers must be 18 years of age
or over and have a valid form of photo ID, (e.g. passport or driving licence), phone
number and proof of address.

4. Along with the cash the customer receives from their transaction, they will receive a
contract, outlining the terms and conditions of the Buyback Scheme and a receipt,
which will be signed by both the customer and the sales assistant handling the
transaction. This document MUST be presented when reclaiming their item.

5. The customer must be the one presenting the form when coming to claim their item.
These documents are non-transferable.


If the customer does not return within the 28-day period to buy their item, it will be
reset to factory settings and placed in our active stock for sale.